Facts About Mem-Cho - Oshi No Ko

Facts About Mem-Cho - Oshi No Ko
Our dear Mem-Cho from the Oshi No Ko series is just way too cute. So cute she became my favourita character. So I made this list!

1. Mem-Cho's Name

Mem-Cho's name hasn't been revealed either in the manga (Volumes 1-12) or in the anime (Season 1, Episodes 1-11). However, maybe in the manga (Volumes 13-More) and in the anime (Season 2, episodes 12-More), her real name might be revealed.

2. Mem-Cho's Age

Mem-Cho first appears to be 17, however, it is revealed that her real age is 27, while speaking to Miyako Saitou and Aquamarine Hoshino. She lied about her age to protect herself and allow her to fake her age and portray the persona of a typical high schooler.

3. Mem-Cho's Apparance

Mem-Cho is described as being attractive, cute, and innocent. She has aqua-colored eyes, brown hair dyed blonde, a cat smile, and small devil horns. Despite being twenty-seven, she looks younger than she is.

4. Mem-Cho's Personality

Mem-Cho is generally playful, bubbly and somewhat mischievous, which makes her look adorable to any onlooker. Mem-Cho cares greatly for B-Komachi and its members, for it is a place that allows her to fulfill her dreams of being an idol, where she is accepted and supported despite her age. Even then, Mem-Cho is more of a fellow peer than an older figure, behaving more closely to how Ruby and Kana do, as high schoolers, than as the adult in the room.

5. Mem-Cho's Occupations

Mem-Cho is a Youtuber, Actress, Idol and TikToker. However, in the anime's 11th episode, while Akane Kurokawa posts a picture on instagram, it can be seen that Mem-cho liked the picture, and that her profile user name is "memmem_cho_o". That's kind of an easter egg, hehe.
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